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Bloomingdales and Stairrods

This summer at The Floor Barn Ltd we paired Bloomingdales and stairrods. Our customers chose the Baratheon Damask Moonlight in the Bloomingadales range. Bloomingdales and Stairrods just seem the ideal match with the plush velvity feel of the wilton carpet against the classic Victorian Stair Clips. As a result our customers were delighted with the completed look. Furthermore the finshed project gives a feel of a very rustic finish coupled with a elegant, charming feel.

Recent Bloomingdales and Stairrods Installation

Below are the stages of the installation. Firstly the customers prepped the stair case by sanding and staining prior to fitting.

Bloomingdales is a luxurious wilton carpet, made with resilient polypropylene yarn which has been heatset for improved long lasting appearance retention and performance. With a fine velvet finish this carpet is the height of opulence. Its fibre is fade resistant, stain resistant with modern coloured designs, with vibrant and neutral colours to suit all tastes.

Baratheon Damask Moonlight

Stairrods – Victorian Stair Clips

In Victorian times stair clips were a popular and fashionable accessory, however modern fitting methods sadly consigned them to history.


At Stair Rods UK, they have revived this beautiful product. The stair clips are solid brass and they use traditional manufacturing methods to give them quality and authenticity. They will recreate the look of yesteryear and add a distinctive touch to your stairs. 

Choice of finishes include: Polished Brass, Antique Brass, Satin Brass, Black, Pewter, Satin Nickel or Chrome.

Installation Options: Carpet Runner.

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