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Knight Tile Gluedown

Grey Riven Slate ST16

A customer recently pop into store to take a look at The Knight tile gluedown product. Below is the Grey Riven Slate tile she picked out. The is one of the Knight tile gluedown products.

Our customer explained to us that she was never happy with these old ceramic tiles. The tiles had moved and cracked over time. The majority of the loose tiles was down to poor installation of the tiles. Incorrect plyboard used and gapping throughout the floor made it inevitable that at somepoint the flooring would fail.

We did a full uplift and dispose of old flooring. Then prepped the subfloor with new 9mm ply. You will see in the first photo below the access point in the floor – this is a service hatch. We installed a purpose built matwell with black coir matting in order for the customer to have regular access to the hatch.

Grey Riven Slate authentically replicates the smooth, undulating surface of the natural stone, and combined with stylish, stormy grey tones, the resulting floor design is exquisite. These tiles work well in both traditional and contemporary settings – they can be paired with a light-coloured design strip for a striking effect, or a darker strip for a subtler approach. There’s also the option to have no strips, as the variation within the tiles is enough to create a simply stunning canvas for your décor. 

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Knight Tile | Grey Riven Slate ST16 (karndean.com)


Knight Tile – Karndean

Rose Washed Oak planks feature a worn lime-washed look and authentic surface texture and pattern variation. With slightly pink and rosy tones throughout, this floor is an unexpected alternative to brown and grey floors and looks great when paired with soft pastels and neutrals. KP95 planks are available in a wider than usual format of 36×6″.

Below is a video showing a newly installed floor. Customers chose Karndeans’ Knight Tile and took the product all the way through the entire home.

Below are phtographs of the installed product.

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Rose Washed Oak KP95 (karndean.com)

Karndean Knight Tile – The Floor Barn Ltd – LVT Luxury Vinyl Tiles

Knight Tile Range

The range has a particularly wide range of designs, borders and design strip combinations, ensuring there’s something for everyone. Each floor is supplied in a hardwearing 0.3mm surface layer and comes with a lifetime residential guarantee. The wood effect planks come in a variety of light woods, mid woods and dark woods.

Knight Tile Natural Stone and Slate Effect Floor Tiles

If you are looking for a stone or slate floor but would prefer a warmer surface, easier maintenance and to avoid chips when the occasional item of crockery is dropped, then our stone effect tiles are perfect.

Each is supplied in 12” by 12” (305mm x 305mm) standard size tiles with either a smooth or lightly textured surface. They range from light cream and beige through to dark greys and black, providing you with plenty of tone choices to suit your look.

Residential Guarantee

The Knight Tile range has a lifetime residential guarantee. Our Guarantee has a more comprehensive description of our guarantees.